Saturday, 19 November 2011

Beach Baby @ Salerno Gallery

Three weeks after the Gold Coast marathon I was in the best physical shape of my life. A promise was made and I found myself balancing on a chair in a cold and drafty artist's studio in Newtown. Professional artist, and running friend Jennie, was lying on the floor taking photos looking up at me. But that's normal right?

You've all had similar experiences?

You have, haven't you??

Oh good. I was beginning to think it might just have been me.

Jennie has been painting 1950's female swimsuits for a couple of years now. This year she has teamed up with Aussie swimwear brand Funky Trunks to start painting some male bathers too. Roping in three of us to do some modelling for her.

It was a fun, but an incredibly self conscious experience. Jennie has been very kind in hiding the curves and emphasising toned muscles which aren't really there.

I went to the opening of her exhibition at the Salerno Gallery on Thursday night. There are four paintings of me. Not good for the ego I didn't get any red dots on the night. Hopefully someone will buy me before the end of the exhibition!


  1. I'm sure you're widely admired.... maybe measure success that way, rather than you've sold out? Just a thought...

  2. Can you imagine yourself writing this blog post before you arrived in Australia? Love it.