Saturday, 1 October 2011

Road trip: Jervis Bay to Eden

 Day 2 of the road trip and I got up early to go for a run. I followed the sea south from Huskisson to Vincentia and back. It was beautiful to be out running with the sun rising over Jervis Bay and spotting rozella's, parrots and kookaburras in the trees.

After a quick breakfast we headed straight down to Pebbly Beach to try and spot the kangaroos that live there. Unfortunately they'd all had their breakfast and disappeared for a sleep by the time we arrived. We dipped our toes in the water, but it was FREEZING so we didn't end up having a swim.

After the beach we continued south to Narooma. We pulled in to have a break from driving and to check out the Tourist Information centre. Just behind the visitor centre there was a dog show with a sausage sizzle taking place. The BBQ was being run by the local fire brigade. 

After the RSL the night before we were on a roll with the Top Aussie experiences for Andrew, so I sent him straight towards the BBQ (not that much convincing was required). I was a bit disappointed they gave him a proper bread roll instead of the usual piece of bread. However, it was still Top Aussie.

A short drive from Narooma are the villages of Central Tilba and Tilba Tilba (so good they named it three times).  Gold rush towns from the nineteenth century their high streets have been preserved / restored to their original condition to create a bit of a time warp. Full of touristy shops it was an interesting place to wander round.

We spotted a home that belonged to Sea Captain Elliot, that is now a sweet shop. We had lunch at the Rose and Sparrow Café. The surly owner didn't give a friendly welcome, but the food was decent and the taster of the chocolate brownie we had was great.

After the Tilba's we pushed onto to our overnight stop of Eden. We were staying at Snug Cove B&B and hit the jackpot! Not the cheapest B&B you'll stay at. However, all the rooms were wonderfully appointed with great attention to detail and nice little extras. The welcome was friendly and what great views of Two Fold Bay...

Unfortunately Eden's dinning options on a Sunday night didn't live up to the B&B or the views (separate post soon).


  1. Perhaps instead of bagging everyone and thing out you should learn how to spell 'dining'!!!!!!

  2. The bad spelling is a fair pick up Anon.

    Not sure what I was 'bagging' in this post though? Now my review of The Wheelhouse in Eden, that was negative...