Friday, 30 September 2011

Restaurant Review: Vegie Bar, Fitzroy, Melbourne

I've mentioned in my posts on Melbourne before that the city has style. For me the suburb of Fitzroy typifies the laid back and effortless chic like nowhere else, so I decided to take Ruth and Andrew there for dinner while we were in Melbourne.

A quick browse of Urban Spoon picked out Vegie Bar so we jumped on a tram and headed out. The huge venue was packed on a Thursday night, seemingly vegetarian food has never been so popular. We were sent to the courtyard out the back for a drink while waiting for our table.

The large menu is, obviously, vegetarian with plenty of vegan, raw food and gluten free options as well.

We ordered some dim sim to share as a starter. Not bad, just nothing special. I think they had probably used wonton wrappers for the dim sim and they were (ever so) slightly rubbery. The best thing about them was the dipping sauces. The soy and sesame oil blend was my favourite.

For my main I ordered the Duo. A chickpea and  potato & lentil curry served with a yogurt dip, roti and brown rice. The chickpea curry had a sweet, coconut based sauce which reminded me of butter chicken curries I have had before. The lentil and potato curry was flavoured with cumin and cinnamon. Both were good. The roti was little bit thick and brown rice a bit dry.

Ruth ordered the House Salad with spring rolls. Aside from the spring rolls I think this salad might have counted as 'raw food'. Healthy, certainly, fresh, definitely. However, I'm not sure a mound of raw vegetables would be my thing. There was only a very mild salad dressing. Go for it if you need your vitamins!

Vegi Bar was good fun. Efficient service, healthy food, large portions and amazing value at three mains plus the dim sim for $44 (we paid for drinks separately).

Vegie Bar
380 Brunswick St


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