Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Yarra Bay Bicentennial Park and a bike accident

To Brits like me a Bank Holiday is a day that everyone has off work. Here in Australia everyone is off on a Public Holiday. In New South Wales we also have one Bank Holiday a year when only the banks are off work. Which was me on Monday!

I decided to take advantage of the better weather we've been having recently to go for a cycle ride. When I was training for the marathon I ran down to Botany a couple of times and decided that I'd head in a similar direction on my bike. I was heading for La Perous and Bare Island, but got a little bit lost and ended up at the Yarra Bay Bicentennial Park instead.

(Ignore the third location I try and throw into the mix during my voice over.)

Yarra Bay Park was a lovely little spot to end up in by accident. I had the park all to myself on a Monday morning. The area seems to be the place where Sydney take their dead. I cycled around the outside of a large cemetery and crematorium. I didn't go into the cemetery, but I did notice zones for Anglicans and Catholics. They obviously don't like to mix in the after life.

It was a lovely bike ride. I was managing a good average speed and made a pleasant stop for lunch on my way home. All was going well until I got back to Paddy's Market. I was cycling near the light rail and one of my wheels slipped into the tracks and threw me off. My pride was more hurt than anything, but I did put a few scratches on my bike and me...

It's a shame my grandmother wasn't a bit closer to hand. The frustrated nurse in her would have loved to patch me up. I got home, cleaned all the wounds and applied some antiseptic cream. Then I realised that my plasters weren't big enough so had to limp down to the local pharmacy with blood running down my leg before I could patch myself up!

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  1. Ouch!

    When I fell off the roller-coaster platform in the US, the first-aider smothered my massive patch of uncovered flesh with an amazing anti-septic analgesic gel which I had never seen in the UK.

    Amazingly, our massive bike ride last summer was largely injury-free!