Thursday, 4 August 2011

Restaurant Review: Satay Delight, UNSW

I hadn't had a laksa before I visited Australia. I don't eat them very often, but it seems to be a minor lunchtime obsession for Sydneysiders.

The first one I tried was a beef laksa from the CBD Noodle Bar in the Wintergarden. Not outstanding, but pretty good.

Next up I decided to try the Malay Chinese on Hunter St that many people tip as Sydney's best. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about, I found it pretty one dimensional in flavour. There were no greens, crispy shallots or anything else to add an extra bit of interest. Even though it was already too spicy for me I found myself adding extra chilli sauce to add an extra dimension!

Just before my accident on Monday I decided to visit Satay Delight at the University of New South Wales after a tip from Marlina. The UNSW food court was a lot more impressive than the one I'm used to from my time in Manchester. There was no salad bar in my day and it definitely wouldn't have had the longest queue if there was!

But I wasn't there for a salad, I wanted a laksa. I ordered the mixed soup beef laksa and took my seat amongst the students. I'm not sure if it was because I was wearing lycra or because I was ten years older than everyone else, but I felt like I stuck out!

I liked the laksa, one dimensional it definitely wasn't. Rather being overwhelmingly coconuty, the soup base to the laksa makes it feel lighter. There were two different types of noodle, greens, crispy shallots and tofu. I haven't had beef balls in a laksa before and I can only describe them as tasting like a smoked German sausage. I didn't think they tasted at all Asian, but they were nice. The sliced beef wasn't as good as the tender chunks of braised beef you get at the Wintergarden.  

UNSW Upper Campus Food Court 
Chancellery Walk 

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