Monday, 18 July 2011

Restaurant Review: Singapore Shiok!*, Haymarket

When I was living in Bangkok I visited food courts four or five times a week. A fantastic way to grab a quick, cheap, delicious and varied meal on the go. When I moved into my apartment in Sydney within a stones throw of China Town I thought I might keep the food court habit.

However, after a hard day in the office I've found that I prefer coming home to unwind and cook, so have rarely visited the food courts on my doorstep. However, when I recently returned home late from the Gold Coast I decided to stop off at Singapore Shiok!* in the Eating World Food Court.

I've previously had the chicken rice from Shiok!* (excellent rice and chicken, disappointing sauces) so decided to go for the Har Mee this time.

It was really good. The soup had a nice fish stock flavour and a decent amount of chilli without being too much for a weakling like me. There were good amounts of prawn, crispy shallots, two types of pork, some greens and half a boiled egg. There were lots of noodles buried underneath to fill you up too.

Eating World Harbour Plaza Food Court
Shop 213,
25-29 Dixon Street,
NSW 2000

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  1. I've been meaning to give this place a try for years! That soup looks amazing!

  2. Ive had the chicken rice here, but to be honest - mine taste better. Saying that, their hokkien noodles are fantastic!