Sunday, 17 July 2011

Gold Coast Marathon: Post Race

As I drove for the line I thought collapsing wasn't too far away. I was preparing to stumble, stagger and need to lie down as soon as I'd finished. Luckily I had enough energy left to stay on my feet. I thought I'd need to make a beeline for the toilets but the desire to have a wee, which had been with me since the fifth kilometer, left as soon as I'd crossed the line.

I remember thinking how empty the finishing area was. Shuffling towards the water table I took a bottle and scoffed down three or four segments of orange, before going for a sit down. A kind lady untied the timing chip from my shoe for me.

My quads were sore, but otherwise I felt weak but ok. I shuffled out of the finishing area, collecting my medal and t-shirt on the way. I headed to collect my bag from near the start line. Goodies! I put quite a bit of thought into what I leave in my bag to bring me back to life once I finish.

I sat down on the grass. In between stretches I had my sports drink, banana and protein shake. The breeze was making me quite cold, so I decide to change out of my running singlet into some dry clothes. I must have looked pathetic trying to take my shirt off, it took ages! I was obviously still pretty weak.

More snacks were needed to so I started on my box of cereal bars and sent text messages to friends and family letting them know how I'd got on. My quads still felt as though they were burning so I decided to go and stand in the sea as a substitute for an ice bath. There were a few other runners who had the same idea and I swapped stories with a couple of others.

After I got out of the water I headed to a shower block in the park to rinse off. In the changing rooms I got talking to two guys who had also completed the race. Even though I was feeling shattered it was reassuring to see people in a worst state than me!

Shortly afterwards I met up with Jennie, April and Jannice who I'd travelled up to the Gold Coast with. We decided to take the obligatory cheesy photo on the winner's podium. We even managed a little boogie when the live band were playing.


  1. Love that photo of you jumping mid air! And good on you for making it to the finish line, in better shape than others it seems =D

  2. Ohhh, my muscles hurt just thinking about that.