Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Project Sourdough: Shopping!

As part of my sourdough project I've been to two shops that are worthy of a mention.

I got all excited about buying a banneton before I'd even baked my first loaf. The baskets are traditionally used to help the loaves prove and to shape them. The baskets are pretty difficult to find here in Australia, seemingly only being made in Europe. A tip off on Brydie's blog led me to Chef's Warehouse in Surry Hills.

Chef's Warehouse is a fabulous cookery shop. There is floor to ceiling shelving of cake tins, pie cases, baking trays, spatulas, food mixers and basically anything else you might want. Including the important bannetons. When I was living in London I often used to go into John Lewis for a drift round the cookery section. Chef's Warehouse is the only place I've found in Australia that is on par. Unfortunately, as with a lot of things in Australia, the prices are quite high. But window shopping costs nothing!

They are only open Monday to Friday. I think they'd do a roaring trade if they opened on the weekend too.

The second shop worthy of a mention is Alfalfa House in Enmore. The shop is a not for profit co-operative which sells food 'unpackaged'. You take your own containers, fill them up and pay by weight for what you have bought. I went to Alfalfa on Saturday in search of flour.

I'm interested in making a spelt or rye loaf and the price of flour I've seen in delis has frankly been a bit scary. Up to $9 a kilogram! In Alfalfa I bought some organic rye, spelt and wholewheat flour for all less then $4 per kg. If you are a member of the co-op you can buy in bulk quantities even cheaper.

Both shops are worth a look if you enjoy cooking. They are definitely not just for bakers.

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