Friday, 10 December 2010

Restaurant Review: Mr Chodhury's, Jaipur, India

You hear so many horror stories about the dreaded Delhi Belly that you can't help but be a little bit nervous about eating in India. I didn't want my holiday ruined by food poisoning, but at the same time I was really keen to eat some street food while I was there.

Before departing on holiday I decided that I would let my constitution get used to India in week one and then to eat from a street stall in the second week (if I hadn't been sick before then). However, on my third day I was inextricably drawn to Mr Chodhury's stall a short walk from my hotel. It was packed with locals, a sure sign for success. I was really keen to get some photos of the stall, even if I wasn't sure I that I was brave enough to eat the food.

As we approached the stall a couple of the riskshaw drivers tried to give us the usual patter about visiting the local markets. They were surprised we wanted to visit the stall and even more bemused by my wanting to take photos!

The maestro Mr Chodhury was making dahl pakora. Balls of dahl were sealed in pastry, flattened into rounds and then slipped into hot oil and fried until golden.

My sister and friend Julia had accompanied me on this photo mission, so I thought I'd better order two pakora. I was expecting them to come in a little bag and we could shrink back to the hotel for a nibble.

I was taken aback when each pakora was chopped and served on a plate with buttermilk and chilli sauce. With everyone watching, we were going to have to eat them!

I'm happy to report the pakora were excellent. The cooling buttermilk sauce provided a great contrast to the chilli. There were luckily no after effects. No wonder this place is so popular.

Each plate cost 7 rupees (10 pence or 16 cents). Unbelievably the stall was managing to sustain four staff on such meager prices. A pot washer, tea boy, someone taking the money and Mr Chodhury doing the cooking.

Mr Chodhury's
Corner of Bhari Marg and Sawai Jaising Highway
Bani Park,

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