Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Project Hunter: Week 9

I've finished! Project Hunter has been completed after visiting twenty eight different food stalls in the Hunter Connection Food Court.

When I set out there were places I was looking forward to visiting again, some places I was a little hesitant about trying and only one place I didn't want to return to. And that is where this week started....

When I was on my marathon pasta drive I'd described La Casa Pasta to fellow foodies John and Simon as "Overcooked pasta with raw onion in the sauce. Not one to be repeated!" and here I was trying it again! The Bolognaise and Basil Pesto ($5) was still dreadfully overcooked. The pesto macaroni was very creamy and not that pleasant.

The second stop of the week was to my favourite food stall Bangkok Wok. This place serves decent Thai food which I've completely failed to capture. I ordered pork laab, black pepper fish and stir fried vegetables in oyster sauce ($7.50). If you want to see some of the good food they serve up check out John's great review.

After my trip to India I decided to try the vegetable thali ($9.90) from Tandoor Paradise. Sadly it was nothing like being back in India! The thali is a hearty meal; with two curries, rice, salad, poppadom, pickles and naan bread all included. However, I found the dahl too salty. The vegetable dumplings in yogurt sauce were too sweet for me and there was a strange flavour I couldn't identify in the sauce.

My final stop was to Super Asian Food, for Malaysian curry, lemon chicken and steamed vegetables ($6.80). It was a huge plate of food! The steamed vegetables were a bit bland, but healthy. The chicken curry had my lips tingling with chilli. The lemon chicken was a bit fatty / oily.

Overall I wouldn't say that I've found any astonishing discoveries over the past nine weeks. However, I wasn't really expect to paying $4 - $10 in a food court. However, it has been good in getting me to try lots of new places. There were places I hadn't visited before, but will make a point of going to again. It's also taught me that I like to take my own lunch to work one or two days a week.


  1. What a mighty effort! I reckon you deserve some kind of award. Even if it's an award for trying that pasta place a second time

  2. awesome round up ive loved reading your lunch series! hey dude are you coming to the sydney food bloggers picnic on sat?

  3. Glad you like the posts Suze!

    Unfortunately I can't make this Saturday as I've already got plans. :-(

  4. That pasta looks nasty. It reminds me of the Manchester refectory.

  5. Hmm the pasta sure doesn't look appealing at all. And wow 28 food stalls in one food court is alot of choice!