Thursday, 11 November 2010

Sculpture by the Sea

I know that this isn't going to make me any friends here in Australia, but I really don't get "The Race that Stops the Nation". Let's be frank, it's no Grand National. The one thing that it does have going for it, is that it literally 'stops the nation' and gives you an excuse to skive off work and do something while all the crowds are in the pub.

So on Tuesday afternoon I departed work promptly and headed straight for Bondi to visit Sculpture by the Sea.

It was my first visit to the exhibition and I was really impressed by the scale of the event. Around a hundred sculptures are located between Bondi and Tamarama. With an impressive display on Tamarama beach itself.

I particularly liked the exploding tube of red paint.

Another favourite was the chicken sitting in pride of place in Tamarama beach. As the kid in the picture below shows, if you were really keen you could stick your head up the chicken's bum to view the eggs inside.

I've uploaded all of my photos from the exhibition here.


  1. i got a photo of a kid sticking their head in the chicken's bum too. hehe you've taken some great photos. here's my collection of basic photos :-)

  2. I don't get the Melbourne Cup either. Never have. And I've never done the Sculptures By The Sea. Every year I say I'll go and I never do