Monday, 22 November 2010

Project Hunter: Week 8

It's week eight of Project Hunter! Only two visits to Hunter Connection this week as I had a day off work and took my own lunch two days.

Monday saw me visit Bibiso Korean Cuisine Seoul Bibimbab for a bulgogy bibimbab ($8). I wasn't overwhelmed by this dish, but it was nice enough. There were lots of fresh vegetables in the dish which helped it to feel healthy. They was no hot clay pot or raw egg which is part of the fun of a bibimbab in my book. I suppose you can't have everything in a food court.

On Wednesday I bought a chicken rice paper roll and passion fruit & banana yoghurt ($5) from the Smoothies and Juice Bar. I thought five dollars for both was pretty good value. Only the Vietnamese roll in Week 3 came in cheaper. Unfortunately I thought the rice paper roll was pretty bland. There were no noodles in the roll which meant I didn't find it a particularly filling lunch.

The yoghurt was thick and creamy goodness.

By the time you read this blog I'll be in India. Speak to you all again soon!


  1. zomg bibimbab! work colleague and I have been craving that but didnt know where to get it near work. So glad you done this post!

    I've never walked around hunter connection..I tried to last week but detoured to australia square :( the only time ive eaten there was when we went for viet food hehe