Friday, 3 September 2010

Target 42

It is just over two weeks until the Sydney marathon. Until recently I was very relaxed, perhaps even arrogant, about the marathon. My goal is to try and run in under four hours and my training had been going well, I hadn't had any niggling injuries or even tough runs.

I've always said I'd be happy with under four hours, but doubt was seeded in my mind when my gym instructor told me that she thought I could run 3:30. People have been telling me how much 'extra' race day gives you. I want to set the best time I can, but am scared of blowing up and not finishing at all.

In the last week the nerves have been setting in! I've been 'feeling' all sorts of aches and pains that almost certainly aren't really there. Worrying about sore muscles, a loss of flexibility, my diet and all sorts of other things I'd never heard of before I started running.

Above is the map of the longest run I'll do before the marathon, a whopping 35km! Character building I think they call it.


  1. Richard, on the day you will find that you just "get through it". You have all the physical and mental attributes you need. To complete the task all you will need on the day is a doggedness to finish, which you will definitely find.

    If I can cycle for 12 days you can run for four hours ;-)

  2. goodluck although i believe you dont need it as you've been running really well its just pre race jitters :O)