Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Spring in Sydney

As we move between seasons, the gradual change every day creeps up on you and it's easy not to notice. I quite often don't realise the season is changing until it has actually happened.

Having returned to Sydney after two weeks in the UK I've really noticed the advance of spring. The mornings are definitely lighter. Two weeks ago when I was out running at 6am it was dark and there was no one about. This week it's much lighter and hundreds of people have emerged from somewhere. There are dog walkers, runners, fitness groups and cyclists everywhere. This morning Centennial Park was positively crowded!

It's got me thinking. Where have these people been hiding all winter? Do Sydneysiders set their alarms one hour earlier in the summer?


  1. Daylight brings us all out! When it's dark and cold you just want to be inside, all snuggly and warm =)

  2. I may not set my alarm an hour earlier in summer but I do find myself sitting out the back having breakfast outside before work more often. I love this time of the year!