Saturday, 12 June 2010

Restaurant Review: Madang Korean BBQ

Cook Book Manic got me salivating about Korean BBQs with her recent review of Dae Jang Kum in the city. However, rather than visiting DJK I followed a tip from a friend and ate at Madang instead. I wasn't to be disappointed!

I'd been warned that Madang often has a queue and to be prepared for a short wait. Even on a Monday night there was a line outside the restaurant, but luckily we only had to wait around ten minutes for our table. My friend forgot to warn me that half the restaurant is outside, so wrap up warm if you visit this winter.

I would have been a bit more reserved than Sandy who started ordering with gusto. However, I was pleased that she ordered so many dishes, as it meant that we could sample lots of different Korean delights.

In the photo above you can see the Korean marinated beef and chilli octopus that we ordered for the BBQ. In addition to the BBQ food we also got some deep friend dumplings, a bi-bim-bob, seafood spicy soup / hotpot and the stir friend squid that you can see below. We also got the obligatory kimchi and six/seven other complimentary starters. All of the food was excellent.

Madang put the Korean BBQ I had in Eastwood earlier this year completely in the shade. I would rate it more highly than my visits to K-Town in New York a couple of years ago. I can't give it higher praise than saying I am really looking forward to going back.

Madang is slightly hard to find. The address is 371A Pitt St, Sydney, NSW. It's located down a small alley near Video Ezy.

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  1. That is high praise indeed. The food is really good and even Koreans swear by it. I like how well ventilated it is too one of the downsides of Korean bbq