Sunday, 7 March 2010

Restaurant Review: Maroo Charcoal Korean BBQ, Eastwood

On Friday night I headed out to the suburbs and went to the Maroo Korean BBQ in Eastwood. The restaurant looks like it has recently been refurbished, each dark wood table having it's own BBQ and extractor fan so that you didn't get smoked out.

I've only eaten Korean food a few times having first discovered it in New York eighteen months ago. One of the highlights with Korean food are all the little goodies that you get at the start of the meal; pickles, salads, chillies and assorted goodies I don't know the names of. For the main event we chose some beef brisket and Korean spiced pork ribs. The beef brisket wasn't a success proving to be quite tough no matter how long or short a time that you cooked it for. I didn't notice any spice or marinade on the pork ribs, but they were very good nonetheless. Cooked for a decent length of time so that the fat began to go crispy they were tasty.

We also had a small tofu and seafood hotpot for some variety. Lots of tofu, not too much seafood and very spicy it made me a little flushed (aka I broke out in a sweat, nice!).

There were quite a few things about the service that I liked. We were bought a real charcoal BBQ when many restaurant would have fobbed you off with gas, a clean grill half way through the meal and they were always on hand when we wanted something. However, it the service was a little over bearing. The waiters / waitresses were at our table every 30 second adding or turning food on our BBQ. Isn't half the fun that you get to cook for yourself? We were feeling quite rushed as they piled more food onto the BBQ, even our pleas to be left alone didn't bring us peace for long. I'm a tolerant guy, but it got so overbearing that it rather distracted from the meal for me.

I had a good meal, but I'd probably try one of the other Korean restaurants nearby before I returned.

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