Friday, 2 April 2010

Restaurant Review: Proud Mary, Melbourne

PROUD MARY: Best coffee ive ever had in my life period! MELBOURNE ausi 172 Oxford St (corner Stanley St), Collingwood Breakfast DAMN GOOD TOO!
Jamie Oliver, Twitter

When Jamie Oliver tweets something like this just days before I'm due to go to Melbourne, a visit to Proud Mary became a must.

As friends will know I don't really do hot drinks, but star worship led me to order a coffee. First thing to note was that the coffee wasn't hot, only warm. This rather suited me, but didn't go down well with other customers. Not drinking coffee I can't really comment on the quality, but it was Clint's considered opinion that this wasn't the world's best coffee. In fact it didn't come anywhere close.

I had the sweetcorn fritters for breakfast. Quite often I find that sweetcorn fritters can be dry, which wasn't an accusation that could be thrown here. The moistness seemed to be coming form a healthy amount of olive oil. I made a note olive oil, but not oily. The fritters came with avocado, a basil and chive dressing and bacon. I really enjoyed the fritters, one of the best breakfasts I've had in a while.

Clint ordered the potato hash. It was more of a potato gratin than hash, which came topped with spinach, bacon and a poached egg. On the side was an anchovy and cream sauce. When I tasted the hash, the anchovy sauce packed a real punch. You'd only want a small amount of the sauce with each mouthful. I think it might have been a bit too over powering for me, however, Clint left a clean plate so I'm not sure if he'd agree with me.

A good breakfast and it was interesting to visit Collingwood for the first time. However, I think they got in a special barista to serve Jamie O.

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  1. i'm not a huge coffee drinker but i know a good one from a bad one. the test for me is if i can drink it without adding sugar then it's decent. a bitter taste is bad for me and it needs to have a nice rounded off taste on the palate. i once had lunch with 4 other coffee drinks. i didn't order a coffee but they did and didn't enjoy it but didn't complain. i had a sip and thought it was quite bad. i was the only one that had the courage to complain to the owner. he had some made and tried it himself and agreed and blamed the beans which were a bad batch. they all got their coffees at no charge.