Saturday, 3 April 2010

Melbourne Grand Prix, 2010

I had a great weekend at the F1 in Melbourne. There is a lot more to the Grand Prix event than just watching the cars go round the track. Two of my highlights were the driver autograph pen near the entrance to the paddock where I fluked the above photo of Jenson while he was signing autographs. I also enjoyed the charge down the main straight at the end of the race and being able to snap some of the cars being taken apart in the garage.

I took my new camera down to Melbourne. The first thing you realise is that at a race track there are a lot fences. I mean a lot; and in some places there are double fences which plays havoc with trying to take photos! I've uploaded some of my photos, F1 people are here and my highlights are here.


  1. you did really well to take photos through the fences! :-)

  2. Good one Mate! You are a proper paparazzi now!

  3. Glad you like the pictures Olivier! I've seen some of your cycling photos on Facebook, looks like you are putting in some serious training already this year!