Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Restaurant Review: Kam Fook, Chatswood

On Sunday I went for yum cha at Kam Fook in Chatswood.

If I'm honest I'm still a bit lost at yum cha and was happy that I was there with people who knew what they were doing! The large room was packed with people enjoying lunch and various trolleys being pushed round the floor from which you could select different treats.

We were all ravenous and the food didn't last very long, hence my photo of empty steamers. The highlights for me were the lovely prawn dim sum that we had first which were full of large pieces of prawn. We also had some lovely moist beef balls.

The bill was $18 a head which I thought was very reasonable considering the amount of food we had.

Do you like the photo? I do.

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  1. Although Kam Fook has improved in recent times, the best yum cha in Chatswood is still Fook Yuen on Help St.

  2. Yep - it was good food. Just read about Ben O'Donahue's new restaurant in Brisbane opening this month, so we'll have to take you there when you come to visit!