Friday, 15 January 2010

Whisky Night III: The conversion?

Last Saturday I went to the third meeting of the Distant Thunder Whisky Club (DTWC).

It was a evening of several first.

We were drinking the Glenfarclas 25yr old, first sampled at the Whisky Live event I went to back in September. The first remarkable event of the evening was that I enjoyed the whisky. I am certainly no connoisseur, and the flavour notes that other members claim to detect are lost on me. All I know is that I know longer find whisky harsh, burning or suffer from alcoholic shock (you can tell we're starting from a low base).

The second notable event of the evening was when our Secretary decided to take photos of every member for posterity. As his camera doesn't have a flash he decided to use the head torch I gave him for Christmas. And there was me thinking it would be used strictly for camping..... I am looking forward to seeing the pics they could be sublime or ridiculous.

Finally, after the Glenfarclas I had four further drams of different whiskies and enjoyed them also. I am beginning to taste the differences between the peaty liquor.

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  1. we both know they are going to be terrible...but at least it was mildly amusing...