Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Whisky Night II

On Saturday night I went to the second meeting of the Distant Thunder Whisky Club (DTWC), following up from our first meeting and Whisky Live.

The event was hosted by Mat W, who I have to say put on a fantastic evening. Matt has a hot tub in his garden and a few of us started by relaxing in the tub, while sipping a beer and nibbling on some delicious homemade canap├ęs. Just to give you an indication of the effort Matt had gone to there was some homemade orange infused ricotta. And I don’t mean Matt added orange to some shop bought ricotta, he was separating the curd and whey himself!

The whisky of choice for the evening was a Japanese Yamazaki 12yr Old. Those that have read my previous posts about the DTWC will know that I am somewhat reluctant whisky drinker. I would say, however, that my tastes are evolving. I quite liked the Yamazaki which was nutty and sweet, compared to the harsh spiciness of the Glenmorangie I also tried.

After two whiskies I retreated back to beer. I can only evolve so quickly. Everyone else present continued sampling the various whiskies that had been brought along to try and share. Everyone was a bit more restrained than the first meeting which will have been good for the heads the next morning.

*Hat tip to Clint for the photo.

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