Sunday, 17 May 2009

Whisky Club

Last night I attended the inaugural meeting of the Distant Thunder Whisky Club. The club is, in effect, a group of friends with a healthy enjoyment for the peaty fire water.

The format of the evening was relatively simple. We all chipped in a bit of money which Brad (as the host) used to by a bottle of whisky. The idea being that our combined resources enabled the purchase of a more expensive whisky. Members were also encouraged to bring a bottle from their own collection for comparing and contrasting.

Last night Brad chose a 10yr old Talisker. The evening started off almost seriously with maps of the distillery in Scotland, tasting notes and discussion on the best way to drink whisky. As the bottle disappeared and the evening became more lubricated all pretensions ended.

I've never been a fan of whisky and last night didn't change my opinion! I didn't even finish the first dram of Talisker that I was given and substituted for a Coopers beer instead.

A fun evening. I'm sure they'll be a few sore heads around Sydney this morning!

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