Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Restaurant Review: Wolfie's, Sydney

On Wednesday night I had dinner at Wolfie's in The Rocks with some friends from work. The restaurant is located in a converted sandstone warehouse nestling in between the International Ferry Passenger Terminal and Park Hyatt hotel. The location is very impressive with sweeping views of both the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

With the location ticking all the boxes, I was fearing that the food might be more reminiscent of an over priced tourist trap. I should not have worried as the food drew universal applause from around the table. The restaurant styles itself as a grill and the main courses reflect this with steaks, grilled meats and pan fried fish dominating the menu.

I haven't had a steak in a while so went for the 150 day aged New York Strip Steak. It was perfectly cooked, flavoursome and I devoured all of it. Around the table the surf and turf was served with most theatre, coming served on a skewer hung vertically on a stand. The pan fried baramundi drew praise, as did the other steak and mixed grill (containing kangaroo).

The deserts were also a triumph. I had the strawberry crumble and vanilla ice cream which was very good. There wasn't a drop left on the plates from my fellow diners who made enthusiastic noises about the gelati, sorbets and chocolate that were all devoured.

The one blemish of the evening was the supposed damper bread we shared as a started. The bread we got was very good, but it certainly wasn't an unleven damper. However, that would be splitting hairs. Even the service was pretty good.

I hadn't realised before that this little corner of waterfront existed. It is definitely somewhere that I will consider taking friends who come to visit me in Sydney. The views, atmosphere and good food, offer a combination that are hard to beat.

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  1. When are you coming to our restaurant!! we want to see your review of us

    keep blogging

  2. I'd be happy to do a blog about your restuarant.

    Will you give me a free meal in return for an unbiased review?

  3. I can see you did not loose these "students reflexes" acquired in Thailand mate!!

    By the way, "La Grande Bouffe" is a famous French movie from the 80s. The story is around a bunch of "gourmets" who gather on a WE to eat fine food to death (!!) It is an E.T. sort of film (never saw anything like it)and some scenes are rather disgusting.

  4. Olivier - I was meaning to ask you what Le Grande Bouffe meant. The owner must love the film I guess???

  5. Sounds like it's interesting! Hope to pass by there...:)