Thursday, 29 October 2009

Restaurant Review: Le Grande Bouffe

A couple of Saturday's ago I went to Le Grande Bouffe in Rozelle for breakfast. I'd previously walked past the restaurant a few times and it was featured in an article on French Sydney that I read (in the ever so grand Qantas in-flight magazine), but I had never been in before.

When in France I never look past croissants and baguettes for petit dejuneur. What is the need in the country that makes the world's best bread? However, I have a rule not to eat croissants outside France (always a disappointment) and wanted something a bit more substantial to reward my cycle ride.

I went for for the croque madame with duck egg, which as you can see above looked amazing. The French dressing on the salad was lovely (you might think this is a strange first observation, but I love a good French dressing), the rest of the croque madame didn't quite live up to the early standard set. The duck egg was on the cold side. The toasted ham and cheese sandwich was good, but could have done with a more even coating of the tangy mustard.

The vanilla rice pudding with rhubarb looked fantastic and was a treat to eat. The homemade granola and mushroom omelette also went down well. Two dishes that went close to getting my vote were the baked cassoulet beans and the braised ham hock with lentils.

They have prix fixe menus in the evening which could well be worth a try.

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  1. Masterchef was wall-to-wall duck eggs. When did duck eggs become so essential? Are they nice?

    Can't beat a ham toastie with a fried egg top!

  2. A duck egg is bigger than a hens egg, so looks a bit more impressive on the plate.

    Doesn't it taste any different? Not really...

  3. A duck egg is different to a hens egg, i think duck egg is more delicious..:)