Monday, 24 August 2009

Business Idea III: Tomato Ketchup

What were Business Ideas I & II I hear you cry?

Business Idea I was to buy the franchise for, and open a chain of the excellent Chipotle restaurants / take aways here in Australia with my good friend Clint. We had it all planned, I quit my job in the UK and moved out to Oz. Let's just say I've been let down, but I am stoically not letting it affect our friendship.

Business Idea II is to start up a internet business with my friend John producing things in Thailand and selling them in the UK. I won't say too much here in case you all steal our ideas!

My latest idea is to start selling Aussie style ketchup sachets in the UK.

We are all used to the annoying ketchup sachets you get in fish & chip and cafeterias in the UK. Difficult to open, liable to explode everywhere, the ketchup gets on your fingers and you are never able to satisfyingly get all the ketchup from the packet.

The Aussie version is pure genius, you squeeze gently and the ketchup comes out without any mess and is controllable in terms of direction and speed. I have made a little video to demonstrate on some lovely homemade sausage rolls (half fennel & cumin and half whole grain mustard & mozzarella since you ask).

Here's the killer innovation, they don't have a brown sauce version yet!

It's not glamorous, but I think Yorkshire folk have an expression "where there's muck there's brass".

The first art of successful business is delegation. Blue Eyes, this seems to be in your line of work. Can you look into UK patents, trade marks, exclusive importation rights? That sort of thing. Thank you!!


  1. Damn Richie!

    I've been back in the U.S. for 8 days and you're making me homesick watching that video.

    Good looking sausage rolls.


  2. There's a pool of drool on the keyboard now. Mmmm. They looked great!

  3. They tasted mighty fine!

    Clint doesn't get one after building up the pressure by saying "Pen makes the best sausage rolls in the world"