Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Aussie BBQ: Rib-tastic

On Saturday night there was a monster BBQ at Pen and Clint's to which I was kindly invited.

The BBQ was done on an extravagant scale and there was far too much food for us all to eat, but it didn't stop us trying! There were ribs, jerk chicken, corn on the cob, rice, coleslaw, bean salad and guacamole to name the dishes I can remember.

For me, the stand out highlight were the baby back ribs that Clint has previously blogged about. They were tender, juicy, falling off the bone and spicy. The recipe is quite involved, but everything can be done in advance. Definitely a dish to try when you want to impress or to make the evening extra special.

As ever it didn't take much to get me involved in the kitchen. Sporting my new apron (thanks Ali and Dave!), I pitched in with some chopping. I also made a peach and raspberry cake and my mum's apple crumble for desert. I was a bit disappointed with the crumble, why does nothing ever taste as good as your mum's cooking?

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  1. Loving the apron Richard!!

    Ribs look good - when are you back?!