Friday, 20 March 2009

Travelling in the digital age

When Olivier arrived for his visit a fortnight ago, it stuck me how many electronics we take with us on holiday these days.

When I first went travelling back in 2001, the only thing electronic I had with me was my 35mm camera which took AA batteries. At the time the thought of taking my mobile phone seemed absurd. The battery wouldn't last the journey and it would be completely ridiculous to carry a charger!

Above is a picture of everything I have with me on my world tour:
  1. Laptop and charger
  2. Back up hard drive
  3. Ipod and cable
  4. Phone and charger
  5. Webcam
  6. Skype headset
  7. Camera charger
  8. Camera (which of course you can't see as I am taking the picture with it)
All seems a bit silly really!


  1. That is quite a lot. When I went travelling I took my phone and a charger and considered myself quite pretentious for doing so. I used it about twice over the whole period.

    I have never taken a laptop with me and I don't think I would even now, but then you aren't doing gruelling hyperactive speed-travelling!

  2. only one camera? shame on you! I know what you mean though, you'll never let that bag out of your site.

  3. hang on a minute, aren't you on a plane somewhere? now that's strange!

  4. Indeed. I think I have become addicted to the internet, so couldn't live without the laptop!

    One of John's school friends that we met up with has purchased himself one of those tiny web books. I had a play and it seemed pretty good. Would be an option if you were doing the "hyperactive speed-travelling".

  5. @ Shakespearemante - sitting in the airport lounge on wifi.

    Second camera and lenses are in the crate on the way to your house. The ship docks tomorrow. Will Aussie customs clear everything in time for the GP? Probably not.....

  6. You should probably ditch the laptop at some point seeing as it adds about 4kg to your load (if in you include the charger). Yeah, get yourself a netbook. My dad, the most up-to-date-least-tech-savvy person I know, has just bought one and very nice it is too. It's all you need for your travels!