Saturday, 7 March 2009

Pattaya Floating Market

For a while I have been reading Thai Blogs which is a blog network run by some British (I think) expats living here in Thailand. They run an eclectic mix of articles on Thai food and slightly more off the beaten track things to do while visiting Thailand.

An article that caught my eye a while ago was for the new floating market in Pattaya. I haven't been to a floating market on any of my previous visits to Thailand, and they are supposed to be one of the sites worth visiting. Therefore I was keen to visit the new market while we were in Pattaya.

Rather than being an old floating market it has been purpose built as a tourist attraction. I have to be honest and say that I was a little disappointed and I think the Thai Blogs may have over sold the market a bit. Not all of the shops seemed to be yet up and running when we visited, and the ones that were open were aiming squarely at the tourist market with over priced gifts. But then that is perhaps what I should have expected!

We had some great food served to us from a boat sitting by one of the piers. It was phenomenally hot and how the cook was sitting next to a BBQ and in the full sun I will never know!


  1. I wasn't aware there was a floating market in pattaya. You don't give it a great review, but I might have to check it out one day - might be a good way to kill a couple hours

  2. @ Pete - you're right I was a bit underwhelmed by the market, but it is a pleasant place to spend a couple of hours.