Monday, 12 January 2009

Skiing in New Jersey!

Yesterday I went skiing at Mountain Creek, near the town of Vernon in New Jersey. I was a bit shocked to discover that you could ski only 40 miles from Manhattan, but you can!

Seven of us squeezed ourselves into Julia's parents SUV and drove up there on Sunday morning. The resort was pretty small, with only 4 lifts open, but it was good enough for a days skiing. Although any longer and the lack of variety in the slopes might get a bit monotonous. 

The ski hire and buying of lift passes is pretty efficiently organised to maximise your time on the slopes.

Previously I've only ever skied in Europe and it was a slight culture shock to hear American and not French voices twittering around me. More than 50% of the people on the slopes were also snow boarders, which is not something I am used to in Europe either, where skiing still dominates.

The two disappointments of the day were the icy slopes after lunch, and the number of out of control snow boarders there seemed to be on the pistes. Resulting in us witnessing quite a few crashes and accidents. They don't seem to take many lessons over here!


  1. Next time be sure to check the conditions before you go. Here's the link to OnTheSnow's

  2. sorry, first post got cut off ... I was going to say here's the link to OnTheSnow's New Jersey snow-report page: