Saturday, 10 January 2009

New York Blisters

Yesterday I spent the day pounding the streets of New York and managed to get a blister on my little toe (which is a detail I'm sure you all wanted to know).

I started the morning by checking out Weehawken (in New Jersey) where I'm staying, to determine that there really isn't much around!

I took the bus to Port Authority and spent the day visiting familiar sites in Manhattan. Time Square, breakfast at Daniel's Bagels near my old flat on 38th and 3rd, shopping on 5th Avenue.

I marched all the way down to SOHO via Madison Square Park and the famous Shake Shack which I was pleasantly surprised to see open, as I thought it was closed in the winter. I took a couple of pictures of the Flat Iron, but the light wasn't helping me and I don't think they will come out too well.

For the first time, I was a bit disappointed with SOHO; the CK shop had virtually run out of all clothes in a medium and Eight Mile Creek couldn't quench my thirst as it was closed. There was nothing for it, but a Pastrami Sandwich at the famous Katz's Deli. The manager / owner of the deli was doing a bit of a floor walk speaking to the customers. He accused me of being a first time visiting tourist. I cheekily said that I used to live in New York and was just coming back for a fix.

After my late lunch I walked up to my old office in the Metlife, above Grand Central, to meet ex-colleagues and go for a drink.


  1. It is indeed! ;-)

    I'm going to apply a band aid and soldier on!

  2. What's the mood like there Ritchie? I actually thought the Shake Shack was closed in winter as well...the power of the burger breaking through all seasons!