Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Well I don't want to watch US TV now do I?

A little surprisingly my most popular post to date is the article I did at the end of Feb on the BBC iPlayer vs 4OD. I thought I would catch up on the best of Blightly by downloading a couple of shows I missed from last week. Both the iPlayer and 4OD use IP recognition and would not let me download anything, determining that I am outside of the UK. Does anyone know of any clever ways to get round this? I've paid my licence fee and demand to be able to watch what I have paid for!!!


  1. You need to spoof your IP address to a British one. Don't know whether either of them will fall for that though. Try http://www.echolink.org/proxylist.asp.

  2. Although it's probably against the conditions of service...

  3. Richard, you shouldn't admit to being a wannabe law-breaker online!!!

    All the good programmes come from Da USA, so enjoy them (FOR FREE) via your Yankee Tellybox.

  4. Ahhhaaaa NYC not looking so rosey now Ricardo!

    Anyway you're going to be working too hard for any telly-visual action!