Sunday, 30 March 2008

New York!

I arrived in New York late last night. The head steward on the plane came to greet me, knowing my name and the company that I work for. He wanted to know that I was happy and that everything was ok. Not quite sure why I was selected for the special treatment. He was either under the misguided opinion that I am a big wig or contract negotiations are going on with BA at the moment.

The flight was fairly pleasant and uneventful. I was surprised by the number of families in Business Class at the weekend, not something I have seen before, but then I wouldn't class myself as an expert in these matters!

I decided to fly to Newark as I had heard customs was more efficient than JFK. I had disembarked, been through immigration and collected my luggage all within 40mins which I thought was pretty good. Sadly the drive into the city was slower with a 1hr queue to get into the Lincoln Tunnel.

I was hoping to meet my friend Nick for a drink last night, but when I called his number there was no answer. I decided to pop out for a short walk to check out the local area. When I got back to the flat I discovered that my shampoo had exploded all over the contents of my suitcase. I then had to spend a couple of hours cleaning everything up.

This morning I have been for a two hour walk round the city. I bought a map of NY before I left, which I now realise was a complete waste of money. It is virtually impossible to get lost in a grid plan city! The streets are quite empty and it is a bit chilly, but nothing a hardy Brit finds too tough.

The photo is the view from my lounge looking south down Third Avenue.


  1. Glad you got there safe and sound Ricardo. Which queue did you go through at immigration?

    Hope the flat is nice.

  2. There was a queue for US Citizens and then another for everyone else. There didn't seem to be a special queue for people with visas.

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