Saturday, 12 April 2008

Weekly Catch Up

I've got a bit behind on my posts this week and I don't think I am going to be able to catch up, so here is a summary of this weeks excitments.

While Ruth was staying she wanted to take in all of the classic American / New York food experiences. One of those has to be a a burger (even though she is a veggie!) so on Monday we went to the Better Burger NY takeaway opposite my flat. Sadly it was a big disappointment, the chips were under cooked and soggy and there were no great relishes with the burgers. Some of the side orders were good, but I don't think I will be going back.

Hoping for a better experience on Tuesday night, we went to a local Mexican place. (Where the photo of me was taken.) A beer, two courses and service all for £12.50. You can't argue with that. After dinner we visited the top of the Empire State building. By the lengths of the snaking barriers you can clearly queue for hours, thankfully there was no one there and we walked straight through. It was a clear night and there were view stretching for 10miles. It was a great contrast to go at night, after visiting the Rockefeller during the day on Sunday. None of my photos came out that well unfortunately.

On Wednesday we hit Broadway! We had dinner in a little Italian place before heading to see to see the Lion King at the Minskoff Theatre. The theatre has a glass plated front and you get excellent views of Time Square from the balconies outside of the auditorium. The show was good fun, excellent costumes and music. Mum and Dad bought the tickets for our birthdays, thank you!

On Thursday Ruth and Auntie Anne flew home and it was a relatively quiet day. Last night I met my friends Pen and Clint in Tribeca. A scary experience as it is off the grid plan and I had to get the underground there which was my first experience on the subway! ;-) We had dinner at a restaurant called Gigino's Trattoria. (It is a lot nicer than the photo on their website suggests.) Finally sensible sized portions!

I'm continuing to update my online photo album if you are interested. I've been musing a piece on the cultural differences between the US and UK. Also, all this eating out and no cycling is making me fat. I'm going on a diet which should make for fun postings full of self denial. I know you are excited already......

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  1. Don't use up all the exciting touristy stuff too soon!