Monday, 24 March 2008

Waterlink Way: Part 2

I decided that I needed some exercise, so jumped on my bike to cycle along the Waterlink Way after my successful excursion back in February.

I covered 20 miles this afternoon, which was about the same distance as last time. I managed to go quite a bit further along the route as I didn't get lost and go on as many detours! I stopped at the Tescos in Shirley to buy some chocolate to keep me going. Negating any of the calories that I may have burnt off.

I cycled through a light snow shower and my feet got quite cold. The recent wet weather meant that it was a quite a lot muddier than last time and I had to give my bike a wash when I got back. I'll be hoping for some warmer weather next time for my feet!

Ed gave me some poor excuse about having a puncture, but I'll be sure to take him along next time.


  1. My bike is now as good as new! Shame you're off really....

  2. We'll do it when I get back as a warm up for the Loondon to Penzance run.....