Saturday, 22 March 2008

I won't be experiencing the new Terminal 5

This post is a little self indulgent so please forgive me.

I'm flying to New York next weekend with BA, two days after the new Terminal 5 is due to open. I have been excitedly reading stories about how advanced the new Terminal is supposed to be and that they have spent something absurd like £60m on the lounges. I was looking forward to checking them out.

I checked my tickets this morning to realise to my horror that I am departing from Terminal 4, which does nothing to provide any mystique or glamour to international travel! I return to Terminal 5 but that only really affords you with an opportunity to experience how fast baggage reclaim and Customs are. Here's hoping that they are as good as the amazingly efficient Singapore airport.........

One of my tasks for today is to start packing, another side of travel that is less than glamorous.


  1. Apparently when T5 did their "dry run" with thousands of volunteers testing out the facilities a few weeks before it was opened, nothing worked. Queues snaked around like in normal airports, the toilets didn't flush, etc. etc. Tried and tested wins every time!!

  2. I know you are right, but I can't help feeling like I am missing out. I was one of the first people to fly into the new Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand and enjoyed being one of the first to explore it.

    Big question of the day. Do I take a cookery book with me?

  3. Richard you know more than enough recipes to keep yourself fed and to entertain others! Apparently they do have bookshops where you are going if you feel the need!!