Sunday, 10 February 2008

Restaurant Review: Reds Bar and Grill Putney

Last night I went to Reds Bar and Grill in Putney and sadly I can't say a good thing about the place. Nikki ordered a chicken dish and it came out completely raw in the middle. We complained to the waiter and he tried to suggest that it might only be the edge and to keep eating the rest! Where is the customer service? Or the understanding that raw chicken can be very dangerous? We insisted that it was taken back to be cooked through properly. The dish came back 5 minutes later and it was still raw in the middle! We told them to take it away and not even bother trying to bring it back for a third time. It still appeated on the bill though....

Apart from trying to repeatedly kill us with salmonella, that wasn't the only problem. The waiting staff kept trying to foister additional side dishes on us in a blatant attempt to up the bill and help their profit margins. The atmosphere in the restaurant wasn't very good and don't even get me started on the apple crumble........

I feel a but guilty writing such a bad review about a place, but there really isn't a lot good to say!


  1. Foisting of un-ordered dishes is a practice than even many third-world countries have abandoned!

  2. Not all of them though. If this had been Thailand you more than likely would have gotten a 'mai bpen rai' and that's it! I do feel bad about your spoiled dinner though and the restaurant deserves the bad review. Poor service isn't the fault of the reviewer.