Sunday, 1 July 2007

Kennington Tandoori

Last night I went out for beers and a curry with a group of Uni friends from my Manchester days. It was a classic uni style evening with a few beers in the pub followed by a late curry. There was good banter and a surprisingly heated debate among a group of non-smokers (and one casual smoker) about the smoking ban. The consensus was against for a variety of reasons, pro-choice, civil liberties, letting the market decide etc....... I was a bit surprised, I instinctively feel it is a good thing and hadn't given much thought to the arguments for and against.

Back to the food. Your senses and taste buds are never at their sharpest after a few beers and you are feeling a bit tipsy. The Kennington Tandoori or KT, as it is known locally, has a good reputation. My Tandoori Murgh Bhuna was excellent. Well cooked chicken in a tasty sauce with just enough spice for me (aka not too much). Only citicism was that the portions were a bit small, but that may have been the drunken munchies making me greedy.


  1. Mine was bloody spicy and there was plenty and I am usually the greedy one.

    The more I think about it the more angry I am about the smoking ban - I hadn't really thought about it when it was going through parliament either. I think we need to be a bit careful about letting the government get away with so little scrutiny...

  2. Curry was big enough, but there could have been more rice for money....

  3. Perhaps I had your share!

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