Saturday, 19 January 2008

Dreaming of the other side of the world on a drizzly London day

I was watching Bill's Food on the TV earlier. Not my favourite cookery show, but it did get me romanticising about trips to Australia and wishing I was over there at the moment.

When I was in Oz last April, Bill Granger was doing a toothpaste add, which made me chuckle as he is want to pull a cheesy grin and flash his pearly whites at the camera on far too regular a basis.

Despite finding his over enthusiastic smile mildly annoying, he does make the best breakfasts I have ever tasted.

Sydney is also home to my favourite restaurant in the world Billy Kwongs. Unbelievably tasty modern Chinese food.

I had dinner with my friend Kat the other day who is going to Oz for a friend's wedding in a few weeks. I leafed through her Lonely Planet and discovered that both Bills and Billy Kwongs have made their first appearances in the guide book. I've got mixed feelings about this. A good write up can really help a place, but backpackers also have a habit of ruining places too. I was pleased that the Billy Kwongs review seemed too pre-occupied with how difficult it is to book a table and forgot give the food the write up it deserved.

The photo is of the outside of Bills in Darlinghurst Sydney.

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