Friday, 27 April 2007

Restaurant Review: Billy Kwongs

There was always one certainty about my trip to Sydney; at some point I would be eating at Billy Kwongs. Brad introduced me to this restaurant two years ago and it simply has the most amazing Chinese food I have ever eaten.

Kylie Kwong is a celebrity chef here in Oz, but doesn't seem to be that well known in the rest of the world. She has one small atmospheric restaurant in Surrey Hills in central Sydney and thankfully hasn't sold out to commercialism. I went with Brad, Chel, Dave, Ali and Kath (another survivor from two years go) and we ordered an array of dishes. All had a unique and beautifully balanced flavour. The crowning glory was a whole roast duck cooked in an orange sauce Chinese style, I can still taste it now. I could never be a journalist as I am not very good at beautiful prose and I don't think I can do the place justice. All I can say is that if you are ever in Sydney you simply must go.

Other highlights of the day included a swim at the North Sydney Olympic pool, lunch on Blues Point Road and getting on the wrong ferry and ending up in Chiswick. Chiswick in Sydney isn't quite the same as the one in London and is not on the tourist maps for a good reason......

This is most likely to be my last post while I am still in Oz. I'll be back in the UK on Sunday and will add a final couple of updates than.


  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

  2. Rich, it's your round at the Dolphin.

  3. Is Billy/Kylie Kwong's better than Bar Shu?

  4. For my money it is better than Bar Shu. Hard to draw a direct comparison as I think they are two different stlyes of Chinese cooking.