Sunday, 7 October 2007

Weekend in Brugge

Just back from a fantastic weekend in Brugge with my uni friends (pictured above). When I bought my car back in April one of the first things I did was book a cheap ticket for the Eurotunnel and the random weekend in the future I chose was this one.

We arrived on Saturday lunchtime. Ignoring the signs for the car park I drove straight past a road block and into the middle of the market square; on market day. We finally escaped and made it to a car park next to the station.

We spent a very pleasant afternoon walking round the beautiful city of Brugge. Moving between bars to sample different Belgian beers. The city has some fantastic architecture and its' reputation as the Venice of the North is deserved. Even if the waiters do seem to have a strange sense of humour!

For dinner we went to a little restaurant near the hotel. We were talking and joking and looked round to realise that everyone in the restaurant was staring at us and giving us dirty looks. We were a bit more lively than their usual clientele who seemed to be mainly 50+ married couples not talking to each other and staring blankly into space.

The young waiter recommended a local beer hall for some after dinner drinks. I'm not quite sure if he had a rebellious streak or just wanted his quiet staid restaurant back! Regardless, the beer hall was fabulous. There were 200 hundred different beers to try in a great atmosphere.

If you are thinking of a weekend in Brugge I would thoroughly recommend it. If you are thinking of staying at the Hotel Graaf Van Vlaanderen, don't.

I have put some photos of the weekend here.

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