Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Bike Review

I know that you have all been waiting with baited breath for my bike review, so here we go........

Three years ago when I first starting cycling to work, I took my rusty old bike into Cycle Surgery near Liverpool Street. They did an absolutely amazing job at keeping the bike running, practically rebuilding it in a morning, and all for a sensible price. They did the simple things like set up the breaks so that you didn't go over the handle bars when doing an emergency stop. And the more advanced things like cleaning all of the bearings so that the bike ran smoothly and free wheeled down hill faster than many a newer bike. None of which has been consistently done in a service since, even if it does all sound obvious.

I know that you can't judge a service fairly after only using it once, but Cycle Surgery will always be the standard by which I judge other bike shops. Why did I stop using them? Because I moved job to Canary Wharf and they don't have a shop in the depths of East London.

So what of Evans? The staff were friendly and helpful and the service was good, but it didn't reach the Cycle Surgery benchmark! When I picked up the bike one of the handle bar grips was loose, the mud guard rubbed on the wheel and despite asking the gears to be checked after my test ride the chain slips in low gears when I go up hill. I am sure that all the issues will be fixed with a smile at my complimentary service, but I would rather they didn't happen in the first place!

And of the bike? I'm really enjoying it so far. Seems well built and robust. Hopefully it will last as long as the old rust bucket!


  1. I have never used Cycle Surgery but Runners' Need is as good for running stuff. My bike needs a service and some lights I will take it to Cycle Surgery on your advice!

  2. Happy to recommend them, although remember that nothing is cheap in Lodnon.......

    Fit the lights yourself to save some money!

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  4. Well yes I intend to fit the lights myself. I am no mechanic but I think I can stretch to that...