Saturday, 4 August 2007

New York Food

After nearly a week in New York the question I want answered is not, why are so many Americans obese? But why aren't all Americans obese? Their appetites seem huge, the portions even larger and quite a lot of it was unhealthy. (I'm not denying that healthy food exists also.) I found myself skipping meals because I was still so full from the previous one, not something I noticed the locals doing. How do they do it?

I'm not going to deny for a minute that the range and quality of the food on offer was excellent and that might be part of the problem. It is all too appealing. Below is a quick recap of my culinary highlight.

The highlight had to be Poterhouse Streak Restaurant in the Time Warner Centre just opposite Central Park. Invited by a colleague from the office, my boss and I went on our second night. Still full from breakfast and lunch I tried to escape with just one course, but the form was clearly to have three and I felt compelled to oblige. I had the classic New York strip streak which was an enormous piece of well hung and perfectly seasoned beef. For those familiar with the Gaucho Grill back here in the UK it dwarfed their largest steak in size by quite some margin. The side orders were sized to match the steaks. There was no concern about running out of onion rings. To complete the all American dining experience I a York Cheesecake for desert while my companions had a DIY Sundae.

I'm not going to grumble, the food was excellent. But the sheer volume of food must have provided sufficient calories to fuel you for a week, there was quite a lot of salt in the food, the side orders were deep fried and the deserts full of fat. Usually a lethal combination. Which brings me back to my original question why aren't all New Yorkers obese?


  1. I've often wondered this. Perhaps several laps of Central Park each morning is the key?

    Actually don't many New Yorkers walk to most places? That must help and I'm sure the big corporate employers have gyms etc.

  2. When I asked one of the guys in the office he mentioned the fact that they walk everywhere as the answer.....