Saturday, 28 July 2007

Brockley on the way up?

How do you tell if an area is on the way up? I've lived here for the last 3 years and to be honest haven't seen that many signs of an area visibly on the move. Prices have gone up and you see the odd renovation going on, but where in London is that not the case?

Brockley was tipped on
Location, Location, Location about 5 years ago as an area on the move. Is it enough just to be mentioned? Shops still remain empty. There are no estate agents moving in, trendy delis opening and all of the obvious signs you are told to look for. (To be honest I'm quite pleased we don't have Foxtons on the High Street.)

There are a few factors that make me think times are changing. The ripple effect from Greenwich is clearly heading this way. The massively successful development at ONE SE8 at Deptford Bridge has sold out, there is another development in progress next to the DLR station and a major development on Greenwich High Road has just been announced.

There is a licensing application on one of the vacant local shops for Tescos to sell alcohol. It seems they already have the necessary permissions to open and shop fitters are carrying out work. National retailers like Tesco work on identifying areas based on demographics. Has Brockley reached a tipping point?


  1. "Has Brockley reached a tipping point?"

    Not sure about that, but there's a good fly tipping point just round by the park!

  2. The area has gone up a bit since you moved out Rob!!! ;-)