Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Finally a Coopers Pale Ale

A lot of people seem to be quite down on Australian beer, thinking it is all Fosters and 4X. I don't subscribe to that theory at all, there are a lot of very good regional beers to be found. An induction that Brad gave me last time I was here two years ago. May favourite tipple was Coopers Pale Ale and so far circumstances had contrived against me savouring a glass on this trip. Thankfully that was corrected today and I am quaffing a bottle as I write this blog.

A second day of rain greeted me today which limits the opportunities for sitting on the beach, swimming and taking photos in glorious sunshine. It feels a bit like how imagine all the tourists feel when they arrive in the UK and are greeted by rain, a little disappointing.

In the morning I had breakfast in a cafe over looking Manly beach and than walked round the head land to Shelly beach which is supposed to be excellent for snorkeling on sunnier days. Just before lunch I caught the ferry to Circular Quay and spent a few hours drifting round central Sydney, China Town, Darling Harbour and the Botanic Gardens.

At 15:30 I met Brad at the ferry so that we could head back to Manly and pick up the ute (a pick-up to those Brits reading) in anticipation of Brad moving flat tomorrow. We spent a few hours moving tables, washing machines and beds etc... down three flights of stairs and into Brad's garage in preparation for loading into the ute and over to the new flat tomorrow morning.

The photo shows me with a crate of Coopers and the ute in the bacground. Refreshment for all our exhertions!

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  1. You've gone all Courier!

    I liked Carlton Cold, but I think that's regarded as terribly Queensland in Sydney.