Thursday, 26 April 2007

ANZAC Day & the BIG Move

Yesterday was ANZAC Day which was good because it was a public holiday and had parades, reflection and celebrations. Bad because for the third day in a row it was raining and we missed all of the above as we had to move Brad between his old and new flat!

A ute had been especially hired for the occasion and we spent 7 hours carrying stuff down from his old flat, loading it into the ute, driving across to the new place and then carrying it up three flights of stairs. Despite the physical labour I quite enjoyed the day for its quintessential Australianess. There was the ute, pies, beer and hard work. The only things missing were the singlets and a cork hat.

The one thing that we couldn't manage to carry up to the new flat - due to its shere weight - was the BBQ. This has slightly scuppered the plans for Friday night so we are trying to work on an ingenious plan to get it up the stairs. Current thoughts are to take it apart, call on the neighbours or rig up some elaorate pully system from the balcony. All suggestions welcome!

Brad's new flat is still in Manly and has amazing view from his balacony over the ocean.

In the evening we went for dinner to a pub in Freshwater with Chel, Ali and Dave. The placed was absolutely packed with people celebrating ANZAC Day and we were lucky that we had a reservation as they were opperating a one in one out policy when we arrived.

For the first time since arriving in Sydney it is glorious sunshine so I am off for a swim.


  1. Re: BBQ - I recommend having it downstairs, out on the front lawn, raise your glasses at passing ladies and invite them to warm themselves by the coals. Maybe break out some fire dancing ala Koh Samet styley. Put on show superstar. ;)

  2. Damn it! Sun! In Sydney and its sunny, life is just not fair. As for the BBQ - you mean your Ute didn't have a crane on the back? What kind of un-Austrailian-Pommie Ute did you hire?

  3. Sun! I remember that from winter, now it's spring it's raining.

    Flats over-lookin the ocean? V. jealous!

  4. Why don't you have the barbecue downstairs and rig up a pulley system to get the food up and down between there and the balcony? It's so simple it's genius!

    Not to deflate the travelling mood too much, but when are you due back in Albion Mr Elliot?

  5. I arrive back in the UK on Sunday morning sadly.