Sunday, 21 April 2013

Restaurant Review: Shake Shack, New York

Shake Shack Theatre District

Five years ago I had a three month stint working in New York. In my final week in Manhattan I discovered the original Shake Shack in Madison Square Gardens with my friend Clint. We loved the burgers, and although I only had the chance to sample one, we declared them the best burgers we'd ever eaten.

Time made the burger memories even sweeter. Clint embarked on a project to re-create the perfect burger and it even led me to fly a special beef mix from Sydney to Melbourne for a weekend of burger cooking.

When I learnt I was going to NY a couple of weeks ago I didn't think I'd have a chance to sample another Shack Shack burger, until I discovered the Theatre District branch not too far from my office. I made a quick visit with my colleague a few hours before my flight.

A pair of Shack Burgers and fries

We arrived to see the queue reaching out of the door, but it was well organised and moved pretty quickly. We must speak a different language to the Americans as the waitress couldn't understand me when I said the word 'half', in trying to order a half size concrete (ice cream).

So did the burger live up to the best ever memory? The Shack Burger ($4.60) was as soft and as melting as I remember. It just seemed to disolve in my mouth. The bun is equally light, although I'd prefer it to be a bit less sweet. (This is common complaint from me and I think my preference away from the mainstream.)

If I were to suggest an improvement it would be to add some pickles to the burger or add some extra bite to the ShackSource. I would have liked a bit contrast to the flavour and texture.

Is it the best burger in the world? Definitely the best value burger I've eaten at a mere $4.60. It certainly comes close to burger perfection.

Shack Burger

Shake Shack, Theatre District
691 8th Avenue
New York

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