Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Restaurant Review: Jimmy's Farm

Jimmy's Farm

On the way back from our weekend in Aldeburgh we decided to stop at Jimmy's Farm for a spot of lunch.

Having watched Jimmy's Farm lurch from disaster to disaster on TV when it was first opened I was surprised to see the place looking so good!  The farm house is still boarded up (above), but the rest of the farm yard is looking very swish with nice landscaping and a couple of swanky shops.

We quickly checked out the the Field Kitchen (aka BBQ in the farm yard) selling burgers and sausages. Deciding that we wanted something a little more hearty we headed for the restaurant instead.

Roast pork with all the trimmings

The restaurant is located in a converted barn, which is large and bright with windows all along one side and the large wooden roof trusses exposed. Popular on a Sunday lunchtime we were quite lucky to get a table without a booking.

As you'd expect the short menu and specials board focuses on the free range meat on offer. I opted for the roast pork with all the trimmings (£14.50). Interestingly I noted that the meat claimed to be free range, but not from Jimmy's pig farm.

Beef and ale pie

The pork was very tender with a great piece of crunchy crackling. I enjoyed the gravy and the hints of apple too.

Vix ordered the rare breed beef and ale pie (£12). The open pie was definitely a generous serving. I had a quick taste of the pie and enjoyed the rich beef filling.

Butcher at work

Our restaurant table gave us a great view of the farm shop. A couple of times the butcher was out cutting meat on the butchers block which I loved. I can imagine it would have been a less popular seat if you were a vegetarian!

After lunch we headed into the shop to pick up some purchases. Back in Australia I decided that I wanted to meat free range meat as much as possible. I haven't found a good butcher near me in London yet so was pleased to be able to stock up.

Some of my purchases

I got some sausages (tasty but expensive), some beef mince that I made into a tasty chilli and a large piece of pork shoulder that I'm going to be experimenting with for my sister's wedding. I don't have the pressure of the wedding breakfast, but I'm going to (hopefully) be rustling up a few treats to keep the guests happy during the day.

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  1. Nice lunch there Richard! The pie filling looks especially delicious!