Sunday, 1 July 2012

Running: new shoes and some time on the track

Ever since I started running seriously I've had two pairs of shoes in rotation at any one time. As I was leaving Australia I 'ran out' one of my pairs of shoes so there was less to pack.

When I've needed new shoes previously I have ordered some Brooks Adrenalines on auto pilot. However, my run coaching session made me think of a more minimalist shoe. Keith warned of not transitioning too quickly and I was very unsure of what to get.

The running geeks at Run and Become came to my rescue and sold me a pair of Mizuno Wave Elixers. I thought it might take me a transitional shoe before I got to something this minimal (5mm v a 12mm heel to toe drop), but so far it has worked out well. I don't feel any less stable in the new shoes as long as I concentrate on a mid foot landing.

After the coaching session, another running experience I've always fancied, was to run on a track. During my local runs I realised there was a track in Battersea Park and the casual runner can use the track for £3.80. Bargain!

I visited a couple of weekends ago for one of my sprint sessions, some drills and also a few laps of barefoot running. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it might be. I think it would be more fun with a running partner, but it was still good.

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