Wednesday, 13 June 2012

North Moreton Jubilee celebrations: a very English scene

I landed back in the UK a week before the Diamond Jubilee. I was surprised to see how swept up the whole of the country seemed to be in the celebrations. I think every street I walked down had at least on house decked in Union Jacks. People were excitedly talking about street parties and their plans for watching the river pageant.

I wasn't sure if the UK had found a deep reverence for the monarchy while I was away or, as the Economist put it, "an unhappy nation fancies being cheered up, and the monarchy fits the bill".

Whatever the reason, everyone seemed to be celebrating the Jubilee with gusto.

My childhood village of North Moreton had arranged a street party. The road outside the church was closed off, bunting hung, lines of tables and chairs put out, and what felt like the whole village descended for the party.

It was a bring and share lunch (where you'd been primed what to bring). The vicar said grace at the start of the meal, there was an accordian player and - rather lengthy - sing song at the end. It wasn't flash and a little bit twee. In essence it was very English.


  1. oh give me twee any day. I love the sounds of your street party Richard.

  2. However much people hate the politicians, the Queen is still largely revered and respected.