Sunday, 13 May 2012

Restaurant Review: Little Star Eat House, Sydney CBD

The western side of Wynyard has raised it's game significantly in the last six months. York Lane, Double Barrel coffee house and the Little Star Japanese Eat House have all opened within fifty metres of each other.

A quick lunch with Dolly gave me the opportunity to try Little Star. Asking the young Japanese man behind the counter to recommend his favourite soup I went for his choice of the Tan Tan Ramen ($13.50).

Tan Tan noodles are the Japanese intrepretation of Sichuan Dan Dan noodles I enjoyed at the Chinese New Year celebrations.

The noodles came served with a healthy amount of minced pork, sweetcorn, greens and a couple of slices of fish cake. You could tell the ramen was slightly thicker than your average noodle soup, but the chilli prevented you from appreciating it's full flavour. I did enjoy the chilli though. There seemed to be the perfect amount so you got a little bit of heat in each mouthful without it over powering.

At $13.50 Little Star is a little too expensive for an everyday lunch. As a little treat it is well worth it.

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